Wireless Headphones for TV Watching with RF Transmitter

Wireless Headphones for TV Watching with RF Transmitter


  • No Bluetooth or paring required;
  • UHF technology, virtually no audio lag;
  • Wireless transmission range up to 330ft;
  • Outstanding battery life up to 10 Hours;
  • No sound leakage disturbs your families;
  • Steaming Hi-Fi stereo extra bass crisp treble.

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Adjustable soft-padded headband and large comfortable extra padded ear cups designed to provide maximum comfort for long periods of listening and watching. Lightweight at just 7 ounces. Fully-sealed ear pads effectively not only isolate noise but also reduce the sound leakage, return a sweet dream to your families.


Easy to install manual designed for all generations. Step 1: plug power supply into the dock. Step 2: Connect the dock to your TV (You must have access to the back of your TV). Step 3: Put on the cordless headphone and watch TV without disturbing anybody, you can adjust the volume you want on your tv headphone.


Plugs into any 3.5 mm audio jack, RCA or digital optical output on your TV, Laptop, PC, Tablet, iPad, Cellphone, Radio, CD, MP3 players or Computers. NOTE: Check Your TV Audio OUTPUT ports to be sure you have the correct OUTPUTS before purchasing. Our 2.4GHz earphones support a no latency connection of up to 330 feet.  NOTE: Not compatible with over-the-air antennas-use 3.5 AUX


Charge your personal headphones by placing them into the docking station correctly. It takes 4 hours to fully charge your headphone, delivering up to 10 hours of use. Note: Make sure the charging ports on the headphone and the charging pins on the dock are on the same direction before charging.


Enjoy Hi-Fi stereo sound without compromise. Superb audio quality from a 40mm dynamic driver with a range of 60Hz-15Khz Frequency. Digital signal you the extra bass and crisp treble performance without distortion!


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